So this week like many university students most of us within keeping it reel have let multiple coursework deadlines creep up on us, therefore, we decided instead we would further plan out our social media activity for when we do watch the films. This meant allocating a different platform to every person I, for instance, was given snapchat. So for every time, we would watch a film I would try to post what we were watching and also when we then came to record the podcasts. This would also be used to promote when a new podcast was up on youtube.

For example, someone would tweet the film for that week and then when the podcast was uploaded link that and then tweet about it. Something we did do this week is we got a new logo this was designed in photoshop by Luke and approved by all of us. Apart from that everything is ready to go, we are just finishing deadlines. Something that is really getting me through them is this facebook page called student problems. It’s just nice knowing that other people are as last minute as I am. Something that I am going to do is discuss the new season of All-Stars for Ru Paul’s Drag Race after all my blog is called life’s a drag. That about does it for this week, next week should be a lot more in-depth as we would have watched our film just use this as an intro or an opening if you will.