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So after we decided to change our project a bit we then thought it fitting to see Marvel’s latest hit: Black Panther a film that is said to be quite groundbreaking featuring a predominantly black cast. Twitter was full of people excited to see the film and there was even an online manhunt for the reviewer who gave Black Panther a less than perfect rating which ruined it’s 100% freshness score. Read about it here. An argument against the movie that I saw a lot on Twitter and that we discuss in the podcast is: ‘would the film receive the same reception if it was a white cast’ now this argument annoys me. The reason for my annoyance is I feel that people are trying to discredit Black Panther for what it is, now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t completely change the superhero formula of good vs bad and follows a narrative arc seen before. However, the film is still really good the supporting cast is amazing and King T’challa actually winded up being pushed to the background of the film which we discuss in the podcast. I feel that in a way this is good as it shows he isn’t this unstoppable force that can handle things on his own it was quite refreshing to see the residents of Wakanda actually fight for the home that they live in. The soundtrack and score are also top notch. Catch our thoughts and feelings here. (be warned the footage would not take to editing software so the first 8 minutes can be skipped).

Again I resumed my role our snapchat account and said that we were doing the podcast on Black Panther, however, I feel that snapchat isn’t best for our project because it lacks shareability like on other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. This is why we chose to use multiple however as we could then gauge which we felt would be best as well with snapchat unless you pay for sponsors people have to friend you, which makes getting awareness even harder. Most people that use the app as well do so for social reasons. Below is the snap I put up. 















Now enough of the king it’s time for the queens! 

This week the episode of All Stars 3 was so good. All the eliminated queens so far came back and they were ready for confrontation as they asked their fellow competitors why they chose them to sashay away. This brought me back to the old school days of drag race when there was a lot more confrontation and drama as with the latest regular season viewers felt the queens were too nice. Morgan accused Bendela of being a hypocrite, Milk was confused and shed tears and Aja was annoyed that Bebe didn’t give her credit. The queens then performed in a spice girl tribute going head to head with two teams they were: Eliminated queens vs Competing queens. Catch the video below or here.

Every girl did amazing but Aja was especially good even Ru’s face when she was performing was shocked. However, the competing queens won so Aja couldn’t be announced as the winner. This is when the episode really gets good as Bendela and Bebe are announced as the winners and go head to head in the lip-sync. Bebe is doing really well but then she commits the ultimate sin: Taking your wig off and she’s the first ever winner of the show! You would think she should know that. So Dela wins and what happens next no-one is prepared for… unless you read the spoilers on Reddit (guilty) Dela eliminates herself! The person who was guaranteed to win the season and won 5/6 challenges took herself out of the game the drag race area of Twitter blew up and everyone was left shocked. Watch the shocking moment below or here.

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Blog Post 13: Sometimes The Green Mile seems so long…

Okay, you know the drill by now this week it was The Green Mile by Frank Darabont. One of the more lengthier films on our list with a total runtime of 3 hours and 9 minutes (including credits). However, it was one of our shorter podcasts at just over 34 minutes. This is most likely because when this film was released none of us were alive so we didn’t see the buzz surrounding it and or posts on social media (mainly because they weren’t a thing). Whereas with the other films we have watched so far we have most likely seen articles and audience reactions, the only thing we had to go off of with this film is that it’s highly rated on For me when I watch old films that are deemed to be ‘cinematic masterpieces’ I always expect too much, and that’s exactly what happened here. Don’t get me wrong I thought the film was good I just thought that it was very slow to get going and once it did I wasn’t completely blown away. I will say there are some very powerful scenes in this film that upon viewing left me speechless. Well anyway, I’m beginning to go off on a tangent so I’ll quit while I’m ahead. You can view the podcast by clicking on the video or here.

Within the podcast we tried to discuss the death penalty and if/how we think it should be brought back however we don’t go to in depth as we don’t know as much about the subject, (seems to be the theme of this week).

Now for your regularly scheduled programming… ALL STARS 3. 

I promise I’ll try to keep this shorter last week I may have spoken a bit too much about episode 1 of all stars 3 but I can’t help it I’m just obsessed!!! This week the girl’s had to lip sync to Ru Paul’s songs as celebrities such as Dolly Parton, Amy Winehouse etc. this was a parody of VH1’s old shows Divas Live. This episode caused a lot of controversy over on the rupaulsdragrace Reddit and on Twitter, as viewers felt that the lines that were decided for the queens by the show were biased as some were just one of the songs in the style of the celebrity and others were all dialogue. People felt that Bendelacreme and Shangela were basically handed the win because of their lines being made for laughs. Judge for yourself, catch the video below or here.

Blog Post 12: Not quite my tempo…

This week the film we viewed and spoke about was Whiplash by Damien Chazelle with this podcast some changes were made, one of those was we didn’t have the microphones from the first podcast because there were some issues in obtaining the audio for the Baby Driver podcast so we instead decided to book out a camera and have the microphone attached to that as it picks up audio in the room quite well. Another change was the film as we were supposed to be watching Inception but there were some technical difficulties in the cinema room so we watched whiplash instead via the age-old method called a DVD. Keeping with the social media roles we set ourselves this week I put a snapchat on the keepitreelfilms (add us!) page up saying what film we were watching and also when the podcast was uploaded with a swipe-up link attached. This was in attempts to increase activity to our Keeping It Reel YouTube page.












As mentioned in my last post, this week in the podcast we discussed if we thought universities and schools place too much pressure on students to do well. The main themes of the film are of an artist, specifically a drummer, being pushed to his limits by an insane teacher that won’t stand for anything less than perfection. Within the narrative, we learn that one of Fletcher’s (J.K. Simmons) students has committed suicide. This is what drives Andrew (Miles Teller) off of his destructive path. One film that gets compared to Whiplash a lot is Black Swan by Aronofsky, the reason being both films are about obsessed artists on destructive paths. An interesting YouTube channel I came across last year when doing A-Level work on Black Swan was Lessons from the Screenplay they do interesting analytical videos about films the one where they compared the two was entitled Anatomy of the Obsessed artist its lengthy at over 16 minutes but well worth your time, much like our podcasts (shameless plug) if you enjoy looking further into films. Watch the video below or here


Now the group project stuff is out of the way onto more pressing matters, the Ru Paul’s Drag Race all-stars 3 premiere was this week (I know I have a problem, the therapy starts soon). The episode was filled with reading (not books) right off the bat, catch the vid here, some hits and some even bigger misses. Within the episode, a talent show was held where the 10 queens showcased something unique that they can do or that they are known for. The worst acts were by far Chi Chi Devayne who wore fl… fl… flats *shudder*. If you aren’t familiar with the show that is Ru’s cardinal sin #1, he says a queen should wear some kind of a heel and also #2 which is a queen should never remove her wig without anything underneath. The other sub-par act was Morgan McMichaels who lip-synced to her own track which honestly wasn’t bad however what let her down was the moves on stage as it seemed all she could do was drop it like its hot (it was luke-warm at best). I would post the videos below but I feel that this should be saved for my favorite act if you want to give my lows (opinion) a view then follow the links here: Chi Chi Devayne. Morgan McMichaels. (the first is sped up). Now for the best and no it isn’t biased even though she is one of my favourites (if you don’t know by now then clearly you haven’t read my other posts) it is of course AJA! Her performance was amazing it had a great costume, a good soundtrack, stellar lip-syncing, killer voguing moves and a dip/deathdrop to end all dips/deathdrops! Watch it here or below.


Blog Post 11: We need to talk about Kevin…

This week was when we began the film viewings, our first film was Baby Driver by Edgar Wright a film chosen by Luke Powell. To make the viewing experience more interesting before the film we each donned the ‘baby driver’ look with earphones and sunglasses and took a portrait style photo we then uploaded this to various social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter and tagged Edgar and Ansel Elgort the actor of the main character ‘baby’.  





With each podcast, our aim is to speak about an issue either in the news, social media or both (related to the film). With baby driver, we chose to speak about Kevin Spacey (get the title now) and the #metoo movement within Hollywood which is designed to raise awareness of sexual harassment of women in the film and television industry. We talked about the idea of our opinion on a film being changed if an actor was involved in a scandal similar to Kevin Spacey. It is crazy to me that so many people can get away with doing such things, however, we seem to be moving in the right direction in order to change these things. However, with this story, you can see how social media has changed our society and especially the lives of celebrities as in years before an official statement would have to be prepared through a tabloid or via press conference but now many celebrities post an official statement to their social media’s just like Spacey did on Twitter here

Once we had completed the podcast we tried to post on all the social media’s that it was up. Overall I think that we started the project strong as the podcast was of a good length and quite engaging as we are always talking about an aspect of the film. I do feel that we could have brushed up on our knowledge of the #metoo movement before as we do discuss it but by dancing around the subject. This was however done partly to not cause any offense in case anyone who comes across the podcast is affected by the subject. We didn’t have a guest this week which could have been a good dynamic as they may have been more knowledgeable on the subject, we just wanted to test out doing the podcast first. When I watched the video back something I notice about myself is that at the beginning I’m very awkward and rarely look into the camera but as it progresses I start to relax more. I’m not the most confident person when it comes to looks and constantly compare myself to others with all things. The comparison is an aspect that I’m trying to change but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day… Catch the podcast below or here.


I said I would discuss it and I am going to. The new all-stars season of Drag Race is coming out in a few weeks! I am so excited. One contestant that is going back to the show is AJA!!! you might remember her from my creative people post I’m sure she will give me loads to discuss and show a ton of improvement from her season. Well, I think that about does it for this weeks entry. I shall leave you with the trailer for all stars 3…


Blog Post 10: Error 404 group project not found…

So this week like many university students most of us within keeping it reel have let multiple coursework deadlines creep up on us, therefore, we decided instead we would further plan out our social media activity for when we do watch the films. This meant allocating a different platform to every person I, for instance, was given snapchat. So for every time, we would watch a film I would try to post what we were watching and also when we then came to record the podcasts. This would also be used to promote when a new podcast was up on youtube.

For example, someone would tweet the film for that week and then when the podcast was uploaded link that and then tweet about it. Something we did do this week is we got a new logo this was designed in photoshop by Luke and approved by all of us. Apart from that everything is ready to go, we are just finishing deadlines. Something that is really getting me through them is this facebook page called student problems. It’s just nice knowing that other people are as last minute as I am. Something that I am going to do is discuss the new season of All-Stars for Ru Paul’s Drag Race after all my blog is called life’s a drag. That about does it for this week, next week should be a lot more in-depth as we would have watched our film just use this as an intro or an opening if you will. 

Blog Post 9: The Awkward Video

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